The 18XX Overview

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18xx Introduction

The catagory "18xx" comes from the titles series of games based on railroad's historic development in the 1800's.  Each game uses a year close to the initial development of the railroads in that geography.  The first games of this sort were 1829 and 1853 by Francis Tresham.  The game 1830, which was developed by Francis for The Avalon Hill Game Company, is probably the most widely known and availible.

All 18xx games are primarily stock trading games based around the operation and development of railroad corporations.  The RRs lay track by placing hex track tiles on a map board, generate revenues toward capital investment or dividends to the shareholders.

At the moment, the links below, correspond to FAQs for each game linked (authors names should be inside).
The following is a comparison of many 18XX game rules

Commercially Published Games




Game Kits (currently availible)

Chris Lawson Leonhard Orgler Mark Derrick

Computer Programs

1830 (DOS) Avalon Hill - Not in Print? 18XX Moderator  (DOS) Dirk Clements

1835MOD Bill Stoll


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