Last updated on 14-Mar-2019

Dave Mitton

I grew up in Dearborn Michigan, graduated from Univ. of Michigan, and have lived in the greater Boston area ever since.

I put in a long number of years at Digital Equipment Corp, in networking in general and PC networking in particular.

I have been participating in the IETF, IEEE, and have been recently doing security related software development consulting. 


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Computer Clearance – Vintage/Classic computer equipment to give away.

Train Games Information - 18XX etc. Playing Aides, Info, Links, etc.


Train Game News and Convention Info - whenever


Total Confusion 33 - Feb 21-24 2019, Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel in Marlborough, MA

     --- Puffing Billy Tournament 2019 Final Results ---

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Windsurfing: MA Sites , USW, Mistral
Model Railroading:  TMRC,  UPHSNSMRCNMRA linksOther Links